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Juin 09 2023


9:00 pm

A Ribbiting Evening

« Join us for a “ribbiting” evening as we complete a visual and auditory amphibian survey on the Bowersock property!

This family-friendly activity will start with an overview of the amphibians found in Alberta. We will then work as a group to complete a visual amphibian survey of the Bowersock property. The group will complete a short walk to areas that have the appropriate conditions for amphibians, recording any species that we can see along the way. Right before sunset, we will take a break and do a quick tutorial on frog and toad calls and how to distinguish the calls of species commonly found in the area. After the sun goes down, we will put your new knowledge to the test as we complete an auditory survey by listening for frog and toad calls. »

Événement organisé par Nature Conservancy of Canada / Conservation de la nature Canada

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