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Nov 17 - 20 2022


Journée entière

Animal Advocacy Conference Asia 2022

« Animal Advocacy Conference Asia (AACA) is an annual conference organized by Animal Alliance Asia. We offer a platform where participants can learn new skills and knowledge, share ideas and information, and network with other participants, so we can collectively build a more effective and sustainable animal justice movement across Asia.

AACA 2022 will be taking place across 4 days, from November 17th – 20th (8am – 2pm GMT; 4pm – 11pm HKT). We will be meeting on zoom. The main language will be English, with AI generating live captions in multiple languages for non-English speaking attendees, supported by Wordly. An e-certificate will be available for those who’ve attended more than 80% of total workshop hours.
At AACA 2022, we are covering a wide range of topics, such as:

– Movement building
– DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)
– Sustainable Advocacy
– Arts and Creative advocacy
– Farm Transition
– Social Media Advocacy
– Nonviolent Direct Actions and Communications
– Grassroots Organizing in the Global South
– Fundraising & Strategic planning
– (Photo)Journalism
– Cross-Movement Solidarity Building
– Culturally Appropriate Approach

🌱Register now with the link here!: 🌱
We also welcome your kind donations to help support our work 💚
We are so excited to see you in November! 🐶🐮🐑🐰 »

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Organisé par Animal Alliance Asia

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