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Juin 08 2021


3:00 pm

Helping Wild Animals in Distress

« This webinar will detail how to prepare and respond to cases of wild animals in a number of emergency situations, such as deer stuck in fencing or soccer nets; snakes entangled in exclusion netting; raccoons or skunks with food containers stuck on their heads; birds, bats and squirrels inadvertently trapped in living spaces; injured waterfowl, and even turtles crossing the road. Learn how to approach the animal in the least stressful way possible, how to extricate the animal from the situation, and evaluate whether or not the animal needs medical care. This webinar will also review what PPE and handling skills are needed to perform rescues safely and humanely. We’ll also share our tips for creating a basic “wildlife rescue kit” to keep in your vehicle so that you’re always prepared to respond to these emergency situations. »


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Un événement organisé par l’organisation américaine The Justice Clearinghouse

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