Oct 20 2021


12:00 pm

Invertebrate Animal Sentience (part 1)

« Join us for a free webinar series on invertebrate animal sentience, moderated by Dr. Stevan Harnad, founding editor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences and current Editor-in-Chief of Animal Sentience.

Dr. Harnad will be joined by a multidisciplinary panel of experts – Jonathan Birch (ethicist), Robert Elwood (neurologist), Helen Lambert (animal welfare consultant), Jennifer Mather (comparative psychologist), Giorgio Vallortigara (neurobiologist), Lars Chittka (behavioral ecologist), Irina Mikhalevich (philosopher) – for wide-ranging conversations on the sentience of crabs, lobsters, bees, octopi and other invertebrate animals long considered too simple to experience feelings of distress, pain and pleasure.

This webinar series was presented by Animal Sentience Journal and WellBeing International and made possible through a grant from Effective Altruism. »


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