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Avr 10 2021


2:00 pm

Meetup: The History and Future of Ag-Gag Laws

« Join us on Saturday, April 10th at our weekly Saturday morning Meetup to hear important news updates from the DxE community. We will also have an important guest speaker; Matthew Strugar.
Matthew Strugar is an animal rights advocate and lawyer who will be speaking at the Meetup about the history of “ag-gag” laws and the future of these laws and other forms of activism repression. Matthew has had previous success fighting against ag-gag laws in court.

In the words of Matthew: ” As Director of Litigation, I oversaw and litigated matters involving the First Amendment and animal law, including challenging state “Ag-Gag” laws which seek to criminalize undercover investigations at factory farms, content-based prohibitions against animal rights advocacy in government-run advertising, and a school board that sought to fire a teacher for advocating veganism on his personal Facebook page. I also litigated cases attempting to establish certain constitutional rights for non-human animals, Endangered Species Act litigation on behalf of captive animals, consumer protection actions seeking to enforce laws against animal cruelty, as well as public records litigation against government administrative agencies for failing to protect animals as required by law.”

Learn more about Matthew’s amazing work here

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Shelter-in-place won’t stop us from being together as a community! We have weekly Meetups because it’s extremely valuable for us regularly interact, even if we can’t do so in person. Connecting with fellow activists strengthens out friendships, animal rights community, and the entire movement, which makes us better able to fight for animal liberation! The more we know and trust one another, the more resistant our community is to infiltration and in-fighting. It’s also important for our own personal mental health to feel connected and support during these hard times.
Every Saturday at 11am we have Meetups for everyone and anyone who cares about animals and making the world a better place! 🌍🐮🐷🐔🐭🦊🐠

Learn more about our values here

Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) is a grassroots network of animal rights activists. Through open rescue, demonstration, and disruption, we are creating a world where every animal is safe, happy and free.
DxE cultivates a welcoming and supportive community. We ask that all those who attend our events (online and offline) respect our Code of Conduct which can be reviewed at
To learn about our vision, goals, strategy and more check out the San Francisco Bay Area chapter Activist Handbook here
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