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Mar 02 2021


12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Privilege and Inclusivity in the Vegan Movement: A Panel Discussion

« Join Melanie Joy (founding president of Beyond Carnism), Leah Garcés (president of Mercy For Animals), Gwenna Hunter (founder of Vegans for Black Lives Matter), and David Coman-Hidy (president of The Humane League) as they discuss privilege and inclusivity in the vegan movement, as well as ways to constructively talk about the issue.

Like the rest of society, the vegan movement has been plagued by abuses of power, from discrimination to sexual harassment. Much of the problem is caused by unexamined privilege—privilege people aren’t aware of. However, attempts to raise awareness of privilege often lead to infighting and end up reinforcing the very problem they’re trying to transform. Melanie examines these issues in her new book The Vegan Matrix: Understanding and Discussing Privilege Among Vegans to Build a More Inclusive and Empowered Movement.
The discussion will address questions such as:

• What is privilege? And why is it so important for vegans to become aware of it?
• How can we talk about privilege in a way that deepens understanding and helps transform it?
• How can we create a more diverse and inclusive vegan movement? »

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