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Fév 03 2022


7:00 pm

“Regenerative Grazing” & “Low-Carbon Chickens”: How We Can Fight the Greenwashing of Animal Ag

Even though science tells us unequivocally that animal agriculture is a leading cause of the climate crisis, the meat, dairy, and egg industries have flooded the environmental conversation with lies and misdirections to deflect from this reality.
This panel will help us understand how the greenwashing of animal ag has taken hold and how to most effectively dismantle the myths and put heat on the destructive practice of raising animals for food.

We’ll discuss:
– The most effective stats and sources you need to be armed with to fight animal ag greenwashing
– How to most succinctly dispel the myth of regenerative grazing
– Ways to get people and organizations to recognize the degree to which animal agriculture/eating meat contributes to environmental destruction
-As cows become seen as the “new coal”, how do we keep people from simply consuming more chickens and fishes?
Let’s get strategic in how to expose animal ag’s environmental propaganda, so we can help save the planet and create a better world for animals.
*** The panel will be held via Zoom so that our community can gather and participate.
About the Panelists:
Nicholas Carter is an ecologist and co-founder of He is the Communications Lead for one of the Canadian Centre for Climate Services data hubs and serves as an advisory board member to several food- and environment-focused organizations. He’s also a science writer on the interconnections between agriculture and planetary health. He completed a Master’s degree in Environmental Practice from Royal Roads University, where his research focused on the global greenhouse gas emissions that are attributed to animal agriculture.

Adria Vasil is one of Canada’s leading environmental journalists, with two decades of experience in sustainability reporting and a trio of bestselling books on green living. The longtime “Ecoholic” columnist is now managing editor at Corporate Knights (, a sustainable business magazine circulated in the Globe & Mail and Washington Post.

Jason Hannan is Associate Professor in the Department of Rhetoric, Writing, & Communications at the University of Winnipeg. He is the editor of Meatsplaining: The Animal Agriculture Industry and the Rhetoric of Denial (Sydney University Press, 2020 – His current animal-related book project is New White Saviours: The Colonial Mythology of Meat, which explores the meat industry’s violent history of ethnic cleansing and ecological imperialism. Each fall, he teaches a course called the Rhetoric of Animality, which examines how Western religion, culture, and society reinforces human power and domination over animals. Dr. Hannan is also Chair of Winnipeg VegFest, the largest vegan and animal rights festival in Manitoba.

Jennifer Molidor is Senior Food Campaigner at the Center for Biological Diversity (, a national conservation nonprofit, where she leads sustainable food initiatives, including the Take Extinction Off Your Plate campaign. She drives the Population and Sustainability program’s Earth-friendly Diet advocacy related to industrial animal agriculture, overpopulation and overconsumption, and the impact of our food systems on wildlife and the planet.
Before joining the Center in 2015, she worked on a number of food, wildlife and environmental campaigns as the staff writer for the Animal Legal Defense Fund; she holds a Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame and taught for many years as a professor at Kansas State University and San Francisco State University.

She has written on the greenwashing in animal agriculture and its affects on policy and cultural behaviors in outlets like The Hill, Mongabay, Food Tank, Grocery Dive, Food Dive, Sentient Media, Chicago Business, and many others. She is currently releasing a major site dedicated to the greenwashing in regenerative and grass-fed beef to counter myths and false narratives. Her primary focus is to show the environmental cost on overproduction of meat and dairy on wildlife, biodiversity and the climate.

(MODERATOR) Kimberly Carroll is a coach for changemakers (, a campaigns strategist with Animal Justice and director of the Animal Justice Academy, as well as a director with the Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank.
Kimberly brings her background as a television host and producer, as well as her diplomatic and strategic skills as a coach to animal advocacy. Besides her current roles, she co-created the original “Why love one but eat the other?” transit ad campaign in Canada and was one of the founders of Mercy For Animals Canada — helping bring the first undercover farmed animal investigations to television.

As a coach, Kimberly helps activists, social entrepreneurs, and mission-driven leaders who want to make a bigger difference in the world with the inner shifts, high-performance habits, and strategies to take their important work to the next level. She’s helped empower thousands of animal advocates and counselled those in high-stress activist positions like undercover investigators.
Kimberly also endeavours to use her privilege and platform also for environmental activism, democratic reform, and to amplify Indigenous voices and those of other marginalized people. »

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