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Fév 17 2022


9:00 pm

The Legal Issue of Companion Animal Protection in China

Évènement de Institute of Animal Law of Asia

« Join our animal law webinar on Zoom on February 18th with Dr. Peter Li, the Associate Professor at the University of Houston-Downtown and China Policy Specialist at the Humane Society International!

Despite the fact that dog meat consumption is not part of the mainstream food culture of China, the eating habit is driven by the country’s dog meat traders who rely on a host of illegal and other activities to sustain their trading operation. The dog meat trade has turned China into a “civil war.” China has no animal protection laws, it has no laws against animal cruelty. Should China sit still and wait for the enactment of animal protection laws or are there any laws that can be used to go after illegal activities involved in the trade? This presentation hopes to introduce China’s controversial dog meat industry and the existence of alternative legal measures that can be used to prosecute and hold the traders responsible.

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