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Nov 09 2021


1:00 pm

How can animal experiments be ethically justifiable when they are not scientifically necessary?

« Can we advance science and medical research without animal suffering?

Dr Jarrod Bailey (PhD in Genetics), from Animal Free Research UK will be joining UCL BMLSoc’s speaker series to discuss the limits of animal experimentation in research. Dr Bailey has a scientific background in genetic research and has published multiple peer reviewed papers on HIV/AIDS, neuroscience, drug testing, genetic research. He is at the frontline of leadership and advocacy for animal free research in various institutions in USA, Europe and the UK. With his exemplary background, Dr Bailey will critically appraise the necessity of animal subjects during our event.

Animal Free Research UK is an organisation which strives to create a world where human diseases are cured faster without animal suffering. They place ethics at the heart of science through innovative solutions to drive research forward without it being at the cost of compassion towards our animals.

Join our event on zoom for this exciting discussion! We welcome everybody from all backgrounds to tune in, as we’d love to hear your opinions!

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