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Avr 19 2022


9:00 pm

A Longtermist Approach to Animal Advocacy

« There is a very high probability that nonhuman animals will continue to exist for a very long time. In fact, in all likelihood, there will be significantly more sentient beings existing in the far future than there are in the present or will be in the near future. Accordingly, the impact we can have by acting in ways that reduce the chances that the future is negative for all sentient beings may be very important. This is so, in particular, because there are risks that in the future the situation of animals becomes even worse than in the present: both animal exploitation and wild animal suffering can be expanded, and new forms of harming nonhuman sentient beings may appear. This means that we should take very seriously the task of researching and implementing a longtermist strategic approach. Examples of this include those aiming at attaining cultural and widespread attitudinal changes and preventing risks from future developments. »

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Organisé par Institute of Animal Law of Asia

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