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Avr 07 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

AAM: Beating Social Media Algorithms: Animal Rights Perspective Part 2

« In Part 2 of this workshop, Ina continues the discussion about using Social Media effectively and strategically for activists.

Social Media is a finicky thing – especially as it becomes more controlled and develops even more stringent algorithm rules that blocks activists from being able to speak, online, on behalf of the animals. Regardless of this, social media is an important tool for our activism – especially since most of the world is online, now.. As activists, we must find ways to reach consumers and influence their purchases and decisions, as well as reach companies and apply pressure on them.

Join Ina Maria to learn how you can navigate the world of social media, reaching your target audience and running social media pressure campaigns.

*IMPORTANT* Please ensure you are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok for a better learning and interactive experience. Q & A included.

ABOUT: Ina Maria has been vegan since September, 2020 and an activist since January, 2021. Since learning about the cruelty involved in the exploitation of animals, Ina started finding ways to fight for them. She’s been involved in street activism & outreach with organizations like Animal Save Movement, Plant Based Treaty, Climate Save Movement, Anonymous for the Voiceless, Fur Free Toronto and campaigns such as the viral #FreeKiska banner at Marineland and the successful social media pressure campaign against Rudsak.

Since January, 2021, Ina launched her own business called LIBERO Solutions (in Latin: « to free » or « to rescue ») and she has been working with non-profit groups and companies as a Small Business Consultant & Social Media Manager, assisting dozens of individuals on beating the algorithms of social media.

Zoom link for this workshop will be posted here as the date approaches.  »

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