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Sep 29 2022


7:00 pm - 8:45 pm

AAM: Distmantling Animal Agriculture

« Title: How to Dismantle Animal Agriculture and Affect the 99% Using Strategic, Focused Campaigns
Many activists who care deeply about the 99% of animals exploited and killed by humans — the chickens, turkeys, cows and pigs (primarily) — find the industry and the billions of animals it exploits to be an overwhelming prospect for activism. But the sheer size of a powerful industry should never intimidate or dissuade us, no more than the big banks or big fossil fuel companies. The fact is we must urgently confront animal agriculture now if we ever hope to see the urgently-needed shift to a plant based food system in the future. This workshop draws on some of the important lessons from other social movements in using focused and strategic non violent campaigns to confront a seemingly “too big to fail” target. We will present concrete examples and discuss what value they may have for our future plans.

Ismael Perez is the president of Campus Compassion for Animals at the University of Illinois Chicago(UIC). The student organization aims to make UIC more animal-friendly by raising awareness of current cruelty towards animals and encouraging more friendly animal-related policies at UIC. He helps with all kinds of animal rights activism., including leading chants at fur protests & working for PETA’s Students Opposing Speciesism.
Robert Grillo heads Slaughter Free Chicago. A nonprofit organization, the mission of Slaughter Free Chicago is to end slaughter in Chicago for the benefit of animals, workers, communities and the planet.

Zoom link to be posted as workshop date approaches. »

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