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Juin 27 2023


7:00 pm

ANIMAL JUSTICE ACADEMY: Jann Arden and her Adventures in Animal Activism

« Jann Arden is a Canadian icon… She’s an award-winning singer/songwriter, she’s had her own hit TV series on CTV, and in the last few years she’s started to bring her huge heart, talent, and audience to animal rights.

In this intimate and spirited Zoom gathering, we’ll be talking with Jann about:

her journey into veganism and animal advocacy
her irreverent style in advocating for animals as an influencer and how people have reacted
why protecting farmed animals has been a big focus of hers (she was the narrator of an Animal Justice investigation around ag gag laws)
the Horseshit campaign she’s been devoted to – trying to end the brutal export of live horses from Canada for slaughter overseas.
We’ll also strategize about what’s next in the mission to ban live horse export, and what part we can play as individuals.

There will be a chance for questions from the community. »

Organisé par Animal Justice Academy

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