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Fév 09 2023


12:00 pm

Animal Justice Academy lunchtime live : Can Dogs and Cats Eat Plant-Based?

« With meat consumption being one of the biggest contributors to climate change, land and water use, and biodiversity loss, as well as the widespread ethical concerns of the treatment of animals in industrialized farming, many humans are opting to eat plant-based. Many of those same people, however, still feel obligated to buy animal products to feed their cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, with almost a billion canine and feline animal companions in the world, the ethical and environmental impacts of the traditional dog and cat food industry are staggering, with estimates of it being responsible for 2-5% of global greenhouse gases.

Luckily, very recent large-scale studies into cats and dogs on vegan diets are showing very promising results.

Is it possible that cats and dogs not only can be healthy and happy on a nutritionally-sound plant-based diet, but that they could have even better health than their counterparts eating conventional pet food??

Dr. Andrew Knight has been conducting research in this field for years and will join us to break down the key findings of these new studies, including an extensive one he recently conducted. »

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