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Jan 17 2023


7:00 pm

Animal Justice Academy panel: : Getting Animal Issues into Mainstream Media

« With the love affair for cute animal videos on social media at an all-time high, you’d think stories of widespread animal cruelty and suffering would be front-page news.

But the sad reality is… Even though the animal agriculture industry abuses and kills billions of land animals a year and is one of the largest contributors to the climate crisis, it’s still a fight to get animal issues into mainstream media.

Is this due to media bias? Public apathy? Or are we, as a movement, missing the mark on telling compelling stories and getting the right people to pay attention?

In this panel of media experts from a variety of backgrounds, we explore why animal stories aren’t getting enough airtime and what can be done to change that.

We’ll discuss:

what animal issues and stories HAVE been successful in getting good media coverage and why
tips for writing press releases and pitching stories to media
why vegan stories are hot, but animal issues are not
if we need to change our narrative and language to melt the media chill
why undercover investigations aren’t getting as much attention as they once did, and how to adapt
looking to the environmental movement for clues to mobilize media
We’ll also talk about ways individual animal advocates can help in the quest to make animal rights a fixture in mainstream media.

Following the workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to join fellow animal advocates in breakout rooms, if you like, to do some discussing and strategizing on the topic of media.

*We invite folks to have their video on during this event to enhance the sense of community, but it’s not mandatory

* With Wayne Hsuing, Jessica Scott-Reid, Jenny Splitter, & Kezia Jauron »

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