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Mar 28 2022


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm



Aquaculture Outlook: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Legal, Developmental, and Ethical Considerations

« Aquaculture (the controlled cultivation of aquatic animals in all types of water environments) is the fastest growing animal food production sector in the world. Current research shows that fish and other aquatic organisms have consciousness and the capacity to feel pain. Aquaculture significantly negatively impacts animal welfare and necessitates important legal, ethical and policy examinations of this industry. What legal and regulatory frameworks protect non-human animals raised in these unnatural conditions? Other deleterious consequences of aquaculture are to the environment, food safety and consumer health. How can law, policy advocacy, and public education be creatively utilized to enhance protections for aquatic animals, the environment and public health? How can this be balanced with food security concerns to best harmonize human, non-human and environmental interests? How can plant based fish and seafood be part of the solution?

Kathy Hessler
, Clinical Professor of Law and Director, Animal Law Clinic and Aquatic Animal Law Initiative, Lewis & Clark Law School
Piper Hoffman, Senior Director of Legal Advocacy, Animal Outlook
Dr. Culum Brown, Professor, Macquarie University & Fish Behavioral Ecologist
Dr. Miles Woodruff, CEO and Co-founder, Sophie’s Kitchen (plant-based seafood innovator)

Rebecca Seltzer, Co-Chair of the Animal Law Committee

Sponsoring Committee:
Animal Law, Rebecca Seltzer & Robyn Hederman, Co-Chairs

Co-Sponsoring Committee:
Environmental Law, Margaret Barry & Bethany Davis Noll, Co-Chairs »

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