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Oct 05 2022


6:00 pm - 7:40 pm

Domestic Animal Laws in Georgia

« Ownership of Domestic Animals (dogs)
Care and control of Dogs
Lost and Found Dogs
Duty to treat (client, non-client and hybrid)
Dog Bites
Disposal, Burial and Trusts
Animal Cruelty
Assistance Dogs
Liability for harm caused to and by Dogs.
Speaker: Don Riddick, Esq.

Don Riddick is an attorney, practice owner, and former LVT. He’s published numerous articles on veterinary law, and is the former secretary of the Animal Law Section of the Georgia Bar. Consulting with veterinarians in Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee, he uses a practical and business focused approach to answering questions on compliance with legal requirements of the veterinary profession, client disputes, and business law. Don’s lighthearted examples from two decades in law and a decade running a practice help the time fly with easily remembered examples, like the 99% wolf/1% dog client, the possum‐cat, and the chihuahua divorce. Don’s spare time is spent in the field with his two Italian Spinoni and providing meals for horse riding events. He authors the blog “BetterVet Practices” at
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