Août 21 - 22 2021


1:00 pm - 5:00 pm


« ONLINE EVENT: Weekend Event: Please join us worldwide! We are protesting the “Grind” slaughter of Dolphins, Whales, and all Cetaceans. We are raising awareness to stop the traumatic ‘Grindadráp’- Dolphin hunts in the Faroe Islands. In August 2021 we saw the cruel abusive murder of a baby Pilot Whale which we named “Kai-Keola” (meaning “Sea-life”). We want justice for this Baby and family and these other children of the sea. We do not want violent justice, we want peaceful justice by ENDING the slaughters and returning peace to the waters! Activists and Supporters, please meet up with us at our event online to find out more! Our hashtags will be Grindstop and Justice4KaiKeola and United4Cetaceans »


Évènement de Mermaidseas Dolphin Defense League International 

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