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Juin 05 2021


2:00 pm

Meetup: Animal Rebellion Takes on McDonald’s

« Last week our friends at Animal Rebellion put their bodies in the cogs of the animal-killing machine by blockading all four McDonald’s distribution centers in the Unite Kingdom. They halted deliveries to 1,300 McDonald’s locations and police were unable to stop them. The 100+ protestors intend to blockade the site for at least 24 hours, using trucks and bamboo structures, causing significant disruption to the McDonald’s supply chain.

At this week’s Meetup we have some special guests from Animal Rebellion! James Ozden and other Animal Rebellion organizers will be speaking!

Every Saturday at 11am we have Meetups for everyone and anyone who cares about animals and making the world a better place! 🌍🐮🐷🐔🐭🦊🐠

We have weekly Meetups because it’s extremely valuable for us regularly interact, even if we can’t do so in person. Connecting with fellow activists strengthens out friendships, animal rights community, and the entire movement, which makes us better able to fight for animal liberation! The more we know and trust one another, the more resistant our community is to infiltration and in-fighting. It’s also important for our own personal mental health to feel connected and support during these hard times. »


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Un événement organisé par Direct Action Everywhere – SF Bay Area



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