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Août 10 2022


12:00 pm

Nation Rising Speaker Series: Getting City Councils to Adopt Plant-based Policies

« Join us on Wednesday, August 10th, 2022 for a Nation Rising Speaker Series event featuring 4 panelists from the UK, USA and Canada working to getting city councils to adopt plant-based policies.

Our speakers include:

* Linda Newbery, an award-winning author of fiction who has recently turned to non-fiction in a book about compassionate living, This Book is Cruelty Free – Animals and Us. Linda is an animal advocate and a team member of Feed our Future UK, a UK campaign which asks city and county councils to commit to plant-based catering. In March 2022, Oxfordshire City Council became the first UK City Council to ban meat and go for a fully vegan menu at municipal meetings, and at municipal meetings, and followed in May by the Cambridge City Council.
* Nilang Gor, founder of Cultivate Empathy for All in the USA which mobilizes cities to adopt plant-based policies and puts pressure on the state and national government for transitioning towards a more ethical, healthy and sustainable food system. Key successes occurred with Berkeley, CA, with both the municipal plant-based food policy and the passing of the proposed resolution of CalPERS Factory Farming Divestment.
* Mo Markham, co-founder of the Plant-Based Cities Movement, which is working with cities across Canada to transition toward plant-based food. Mo is also an organizer with Waterloo Region Climate Initiatives and Eating Animals Causes Pandemics, organizes local vegfests, screens environmental films, and has had articles and letters to the editor published on a variety of social justice and climate issues.
* Eleanor Carrara, co-founder of the Plant-Based Cities Movement and Head of the Canadian University Initiative, working with universities across Canada to transition to primarily plant-based meals. Through the efforts of the Coalition for a Sustainable Food Transition and Eleanor’s lobbying with the city councilors, the City of Montreal unanimously passed a motion on May 16th, 2022, committing to several plant-based policies, including serving a minimum of 75% vegetarian meals at all city events.

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