Fév 24 2022


8:00 am

PigTrial4 – Judge’s Verdict

« Join us at the Longueuil courthouse for the final day of Pig Trial 4! We will have a rally/get together outside one hour before we go in. Shirts will be available for purchase.

Then, at 9:15am, come inside and join us in the courtroom (and extra rooms) to hear the judge’s final verdict.


PigTrial4 is the first of its kind in Canada and we have a huge opportunity to show the public the cruelty and exploitation behind closed barn doors. The most important element is solidarity! The more people we are outside and inside the courthouse, the bigger an impact we will have. Bring your family and friends. Plan ahead and book off work. These events are not just about the 11 of us on trial, but also about us as a community standing up against Animal Ag and the systems in place that protect them. We cannot wait to stand up for the animals in court, and we would be so lucky to have you with us. Thank you so much for all of your support – see you there✌🏻

The legal system will always be daunting but solidarity, in every way we can display it, makes all the difference ✊

💥OUR ACTION & ARREST: On December 7th, 2019 we entered Porgreg pig farm in St-Hyacinthe Quebec and exposed the horrors. After 6 hours inside documenting the abuse and suffering, we were arrested and charged

(Our criminal trial ended in October and on the 7th day the judge postponed his verdict until February 24th 2022) »


Palais de justice de Longueuil

1111 Boulevard Jacques-Cartier E, Longueuil, QC J4M 2J6, Canada

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