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Sep 29 2021


2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Should humanists be vegan? An online discussion | Young Humanists

« The number of vegans in the UK has increased by over 40% in the last 12 months and Gen Z (18–23 year olds) are the most meat-free generation. Plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy products are more available and more popular than ever, both in supermarkets and in restaurants. Veganism has gone mainstream.

Some people do not consume animal products for health reasons; for others, veganism is a form of protest against the meat industry and its damaging impact on animal welfare and the environment. Others are concerned about the impact of farming practices on the climate, with meat and dairy production accounting for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions.

As humanists, it is important we make evidence-based and compassionate choices, and that we are mindful of the effects our decisions have on the environment and other living creatures. Should humanists adopt vegan diets? Is attempting to persuade people to cut all animal products out of their diets responsible or effective? Can animal products be consumed in a way that is ethical and sustainable? And is veganism a movement, or just a trend? Whether you are a meat-eater, vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian, join us for an open and respectful discussion. We will be joined by animal rights activists, vegans, and campaigners, and there will be plenty of opportunities to ask your own questions and be involved in the discussion.
Spaces are limited and registration is essential. To reserve a space for you and your household, please register here: We will be using Zoom, and a link will be emailed to you ahead of the event.

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