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Avr 27 2023


3:00 pm

Solving Problems with Deer

« White-tailed deer are North America’s most abundant large herbivore and they, like many other wild species, are often a part of our neighborhoods and communities. Not only have white-tailed deer adapted to human-dominated landscapes, but because of how we’ve built and landscaped our cities and towns we’ve provided them with the kind of suitable habitat they prefer. White-tailed deer are often as much of a source of concern as they are a source of enjoyment – and many times communities become polarized regarding their presence. Join us for this webinar where we will give a comprehensive overview of living with deer in urban areas and review life history and the conflict issues associated with deer and how to mitigate them. Information will include the seasonal problem of kidnapped fawns, browse-related issues, and addressing the public safety concerns that range from deer vehicle collisions to concerns surrounding zoonotic disease transmission.

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Organisé par :  National Animal Care & Control Association et The Justice Clearinghouse


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