Fév 04 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



The Future of Dairy: Conversations with Milk Innovators

Description de l’événement:

«Plant-based dairy alternatives are the fastest-growing segment of the plant-based economy. With 41% of American households now purchasing plant-based milk, it’s fair to say that the future of dairy is plant-based.

Join us for a discussion with entrepreneurs who are ushering in the future of sustainable, healthy, and cruelty-free dairy alternatives. During this panel that’s in partnership with VEGPRENEUR, we’ll be discussing:

_The impact of plant-based dairy alternatives

_Trends and the future of the dairy industry

_How our panelists have built and grown their companies

_Advice for entrepreneurs who want to -make the world a better place


_August Vega – Founder of MALK

_Doug Radi – Founder of Good Karma Foods

_Miyoko Schinner – Founder of Miyoko’s Creamery


_Noah Hyams – Founder, VEGPRENEUR

Panelists subject to change. »

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