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Oct 26 2021


8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Greenwashing of Animal Agriculture

« This event is part of the University of Alberta’s Sustainability Awareness Week.

There is a well established body of evidence showing that diets based heavily on animal products are not sustainable, and that a transition to a much more plant-based food system is imperative in order to address climate change, land and water use, pollution, and zoonotic infectious diseases. But the animal agriculture industry has responded by creating and funding its own research, similar to the tobacco and oil industry. This industry-funded research has had a major impact on confusing the public about the extent to which animal agriculture poses an environmental risk that needs to be addressed by a transition to a more plant-based food system.

In this session our speakers will discuss with us some of the ways in which the animal agriculture industry has been disseminating misleading research and how this research has misled the public about the needed policy responses to our unsustainable animal-based food system.

Speakers will speak for the first hour followed by interactive discussion.

Vasile Stanescu on “‘Urgent Action Is Required’: Animal Agriculture, Greenwashing, and Climate Change,” and
Tushar Mehta on « The Myth of Regenerative Grazing » »


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