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Mai 28 2021


8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Vegan World 2056: How to Build an Unstoppable Animal Rights Movement!

« Join us for our first annual Vegan World 2056 symposium as we strategize how best to build an unstoppable animal rights movement! This event will feature specialists who have heavily researched, extensively written about, and/or widely presented on one or more of the following vital aspects of veganism: movement-building, pressure campaigning, and legislative action for animals. Our goal is to explore the weaknesses of the animal abuse industry, determine where best to target them, and thereby build an unstoppable movement for more-than-human and human animal liberation. By engaging with advocates from across the social justice spectrum, we further hope to build a “movement of movements,” i.e., a broad-based coalition of social justice advocacy organizations fighting for collective liberation. What are you waiting for? Sign up to attend this fascinating, empowering event today! »


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Un événement organisé par Project Animal Freedom

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