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Mar 01 - 07 2021


Journée entière

Week of Action: Stand with Birds and Coyotes — Expose Canada Goose

« Take action for animals every day this week during our Week of Action: Stand With Birds and Coyotes—Expose Canada Goose. Canada Goose is humane washing—don’t let it get away with this. The company has launched an initiative intended to make consumers think that it cares about the suffering endured by animals in its supply chain, even though it continues to sell fur stolen from trapped coyotes and feathers taken from slaughtered birds.

Hundreds of other major retailers have banned fur from their supply chains, but Canada Goose continues to support cruelty. There’s no need for any of this suffering when so many fashionable, functional alternatives to fur and down exist. It’s crucial that we keep the pressure on Canada Goose this winter, its busiest season of the year. Take daily actions with PETA, and follow this page for updates. Let’s make sure Canada Goose becomes the next major retailer to ban fur and down in 2021!

Here are the actions planned for the week:
– Day 1 (Mon, 3/1): Sign PETA’s rapid action alerts, and invite five of your friends to join this event.
– Day 2 (Tues, 3/2): Blast Canada Goose on social media.
– Day 3 (Wed, 3/3): Call Canada Goose and urge it to stop selling fur and down NOW.
– Day 4 (Thurs, 3/4): Urge media agencies to reconsider their relationship with Canada Goose.
– Day 5 (Fri, 3/5): Contact stores in your area that sell Canada Goose jackets and ask them to stop.
– Day 6 (Sat, 3/6): Protest at your local Canada Goose store or retailer.
– Day 7 (Sun, 3/7): Ask Saks Fifth Avenue to stop selling Canada Goose jackets and all other fur items. »

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Page Facebook de l’organisateur PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

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