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Oct 08 2022


Journée entière

World Octopus Day

« World Octopus Day is annually marked on October 8th to celebrate the existence of one of nature’s most iconic sea creatures.

All chapters can participate to the World Octopus Day Global Action by organizing any of the following:

*Hold a protest outside the nearest Spanish embassy or send a letter.
*Hold a protest near a restaurant serving Octopus and ask people to stop eating Octopus, and have them sign the petition.
*Organize a screening of My Octopus Teacher for your local chapter.
*Photo booth / Octopus themed Makeup Booth.
*Save Square with a special video about octopus.
*Information table to talk about octopus and ask people to sign the petition and PBT.

The following hashtags should be used:

Sign up and register your chapter
Graphics can be found 
If you have special graphics requests, please contact Zeynep at
After the action, it would be great if you can please upload images and videos of your actions to the following folder, naming your chapter »

Organisé par  In Defense of AnimalsAnimal Save Movement 

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