2023-04-21_Superior Court Judgment-In French Only

In a judgment rendered on April 21, 2023, the Superior Court of Québec granted a motion presented by the St-Tite Western Festival to dismiss DAQ’s lawsuit to end calf roping and steer wrestling, thereby rejecting DAQ’s lawsuit. DAQ will appeal this decision.

The Honorable Judge Marc Paradis stated that the Court « could envision that the Plaintiff has a real and genuine interest » in the dispute. He also recognized that the legality of the activities under the Animal Welfare and Safety Act (BÊSA Act) is a serious and justiciable question. However, the Court notably ruled that our written alert filed with MAPAQ in 2018 is an effective recourse « already ongoing », while allowing the continuation of the injunction lawsuit would not be an appropriate use of judicial resources.  The Court concluded that the DAQ clearly does not have the required legal standing to act and, as a result, the lawsuit was dismissed.

DAQ believes that the judgment contains several errors. Therefore, DAQ will file a Notice of Appeal with the Québec Court of Appeal within 30 days of the judgment.

« While we are disappointed with the Superior Court’s decision, DAQ will not abandon the mistreatment of calves and steers in this case. This is undoubtedly a matter that raises important questions of public interest. » said Oana Zamfir, spokesperson for the DAQ.