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Avr 20 2023


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Getting Plant-Based Food into Institutions, Coporations and Cities


Getting Plant-Based Food into Institutions, Corporations, and Cities

Joining us will be:
Ilana Braverman – Greener by Default
Eleanor Carrara – Plant-Based Cities Movement, Canadian University Initiative and PlantBasedU, & Canadians for Responsible Food Policy
Nital Jethalal – Plant Based Treaty & Plant-Based Data
Matt Noble – Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank & member of Coalition for Healthy School Foods
Riana Topan – Forward Food – HSI Canada
Moderated by Kimberly Carroll, AJA Director

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DESCRIPTION: Finding the right food policies to champion in the animal rights movement can be tricky, but getting institutions to shift their purchasing to plant-based foods is one almost everyone can agree on.

Not only does it mean less money going to the animal agriculture industry, but it also means exposing huge populations of people to plant-based eating.

We have a stellar panel coming together to explore the range of current efforts to get vegan food into hospitals, schools, corporations, prisons, restaurants, food banks, and cities. We’ll look at what plant-based procurement strategies and programs seem to be working best, the challenges they’re facing, and some of the bigger wins.

They’ll give us ideas on how we can help get more vegan options into institutions we care about.

Following the panel, you’ll have the opportunity to join fellow animal advocates, if you’d like, in breakout rooms to talk and strategize around plant-based food procurement.

Our evening panels are always big, boisterous events where folks get to learn, see each other and feel in community, and exchange ideas. I hope you’ll join us!

*We invite folks to have their video on during this event to enhance the sense of community, but it’s not mandatory  »

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Organisé par Animal Justice Academy 


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